What is the Handmade with Purposes's current project?
The current project is for November & December 2012 is donating to the Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts.
We hope to keep HWP an ongoing thing and as needs arise we can create new projects.

What does it mean if I am accepted to participate with Handmade with Purpose?
HWP is not about promoting our blogs or shops, but rather sharing about the blogs and shops who are working together to raise money for those in need. However, by becoming a participate you will have a chance to submit a feature post and a button for your shop here. It also means that other bloggers and shop owners will be sharing about the project so more people have a chance to learn about what we are doing together to help others.

How do I get approved to become a Handmade with Purpose participant?
Go here.

What if I don't want to donate to the Red Cross?
That is completely fine. We would never want someone to donate to an organization they don't feel comfortable working with. However, Handmade with Purpose has chosen the Red Cross as it's charity for the Fall/Winter 2012 project, so in order to be promoted and associated with HWP you would have to agree to donate to the Red Cross. If HWP isn't for you we still encourage you to find a organization that is helping with relief efforts and support them!